Born Warriors

Established by Edward Bass

"Handi-Capable Filmmakers"

Revolutionary in its Simplicity. Stars in Their Own Right. Our Warriors have Combated More Than the Obstacles of Hollywood.

A challenging life with pain seems to have affected most of the writers, filmmakers, and artists of our time. Our warriors have that creative edge, and can be productive today, for a real life matrix exists, that connects us all and eliminating obstacles that just 10 years ago may have been difficult to overcome. As we enter into a time when all of us would eventually be physically less active and confined, "Born Warriors" lead the way. These are interactive, very handi-capable people.

When one faces a very debilitating disease they could try to escape their reality and "make a wish" by having their last hooray with a celebrity. Or maybe they can strive instead, to be a star on their own, as certainly the obstacles they have had to overcome are part of a real life script.

When Jerry Lewis said " I'd rather be dead, than have M.S.", those words were the inspiration for just the opposite. This is an organization, run by the handi-capable, for the handi-capable, as life is loaded with challenges for all of us, and the last thing we want to be is condescending, just practical in an approach to dealing with a place all of us will in time, be.

We are not fundraising, only developing a network for handicaps in the film industry.

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